Forum and avatar, FTU

You can grad the template here
paste close up of tube on top layer select raster 2, float, defloat, invert, delete on 
tube layer. then delete raster 2
Duplicate tube and apply xero, radiance default settings. lower opacity to 72 and change 
layer to screen. Crop tag
Add a drop shadow the rectangle strips. (but not to the tube layers)
Open up full tube and paste on top layer.
Crop again add a DS.
add a new layer above tube. selections, select all, modify, contract by 5, invert, fill 
with black.
add new layer, selections, select all, modify, contract by 3, fill with white
add new layer, selections, select all, modify, contract by 1, fill with black
Add a DS to the first black border we made I used 2,2,50,5 and then -2,-2,50,5
merge the up close tube layers together select all, float, defloat, click on the strips 
layer and press delete, selections none. Click back onto the close up layer and change to  lighten, duplicate, mirror. Change opacity to 52.
Add your name and your copyright…

Sexy Delicacies, FTU

Items needed:
Tube of choice I used the art of VeryMany yet again you can get this art at, but please do not use without a license.

font of choice

Mask of choice, I used vix mask 359 you can find it

Srapkit by candy's treats called From the Heart, you can find it on her blog here 

Word art by me, you can grab it here
Plugins, l&ks zitah, xero radiance

Let's Get started ___________________ ________________

open a new image 600x600, copy and paste frame 1. 
open up a paper that goes well with your tube and paste it below the frame layer, resize 
if needed. select the inside of frame with your magic wand, expand by 3, invert and delete  on the paper layer. ctrl+d
Paste your close up of your tube below frame, but above paper layer. resize if needed. 
Select the inside of the frame with your magic wand, expand by 3, invert and delete on the  tube. deselect.
Add drop shadow to frame and tube.
Open another paper of your choice and…

Kinky, FTU

Items needed:
Tube of choice, ( with a close up) I used one of my favorite artists, can find this art work at Please do not use unless you have a valid license.
Purple's Kinky Bitch FTU kit *This kit may not be to your liking..if so just substitute any other kit =)* You can find it here  *please leave a thank you for this wonderful kit!!
Plugins: eye candy 5 gradient glow, Xero  radiance
Font: I used Ma sexy font, you can download it from Dafont (
In this tutorial I am assuming you know how to expand, & invert selections..If not look to the right and read those instructions ;)

Let's get started!! __________________________________ ____________________________
Open up a new image 600x600
Open up the pk-kb-f3 frame, paste it onto our working canvas.
Open up your tube of choice and copy and paste your close up below the frame, resize if needed.
Use your magic wand and select inside the frame and expand b…

FTU, Dreamer Tutorial

items needed: JC_actiontemplate by me here
tube of choice I used the art of Elias Chatzoudis you can find it at
word art by me you can find it here
Font of choice, I used a free font called jellyka Delicious Cake
Plugins needed: eye candy gradient glow Xero-Clarity (optional)
scrap kit elegance by topcat you can download it here
Let's get started!! _________________________ ____________________
open up JC_actiontemplate and shift+d to duplicate, close out the original. 
Delete the top layer. 
Open paper of your choice and paste it above raster 6 
select raster 6,selections,select all, float, defloat, ctrl+shift+I  click paper layer and press delete. delete raster 6.
Now do the same with the rest of the shape layers all but the frame and the stars, circles, and squares (the little shapes) Alternate with the papers of your choice resizing if you like. I resized a few by only 50%. Crop then go ahead and add your drop shadow!
Okay, now open up paper 14 and resize to …

FTU, Get Wet

Tube of choice, I used the wonderful art work of Verymany from Font of choice (Mr. Keningbeck) Mura meister copies Alien skin eye candy 5 natural water drops Animation Shop (optional) Word Art by me here
___________________________ ______________________

Let's get started!!

1. open a new image 675x250 
2. Open your tube of choice and copy and paste it into your new image    mura meister plugin with these settings
3. create a new layer. selections>select all> modify> contract by 6. selections>invert selections>fill layer with color from tube deselect (CTRL+D)
4. Add a new layer on top of this one. selections>select all> modify> contract by 3. selections>invert selections>fill layer with black deselect (CTRL+D)
5. Merge the two frames together and add drop shadow of choice.
6. Open your tube and paste below the frame layer (resize if needed) Add your drop shadow.
7. Crop your tag.
8. duplicate the background layer two times so it ma…

FTU, Spring Delight

FTU kit Spring delight here by scraps dimensions scroll down click on 2011 under blog archive, april, then spring delight
Font used is Jellyka Delicious Cake you can download it here
Plugins used..eye candy's gradient glow
Let's get started!
Open a 600x600 image
throughout the tut you may use the drop shadow of choice *if you want a drop shadow add it*
open frame 3, resize by 75% copy to our tag
open paper 7 and resize by 50% copy and paste below frame
use your magic wand to select inside of the frame
selections, modify, expand by 2, invert selection and press delete on your paper layer
open baloon 2 and 3 resize both by 50%, see my tag for placement =)
Open up birdhouse and resize by 50% position to the right of the tag
Open birds and resize by 50% place under frame layer and position as you like.
open butterflies resize by 50% and place under your paper layer to the right duplicate and  mirror 
Open flower 4&5 flowers 1,4,3,&5, and the two of grass resize to your liking…

FTU Please Don't Stop

Supplies Needed:
Music word art by vaybs which you can grab here
Font used: Mr Keningbeck *which is a free font you could find through google Tube of choice I used the art work of Elias Chatzoudis you can find his work here  You must have a license to use his work.
Plugins needed for this tutorial:  L en K's Trouble Penta's Dot & Cross Eye candy impact gradient glow Mura Meister's copies Xero's Clarity (optional) _______________________________________________________________________ Let's get started shall we =)
Open a new image 600x200
open tube you will be using and copy and paste onto a new layer.  Mura's Meister copies, wallpaper rotate on the default settings.
Duplicate layer and apply L en K's Trouble on default, change opacity to 42% move below original.
On original change layer to Screen
Selections, select all, float, defloat, contract by 5
add a new layer, invert selection and fill with color of choice from your tube. selections none
Apply penta dot &a…